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Hey hey! As a habitual overshare-er of all things beautiful and good, you can consider my blog an open love letter to my couples and to the general public. Come see what I've been up to! 

Hi, I'm Jennifer.

Mansion By The Sea Wedding | Corpus Christi Wedding Photographer

Y’all Desi + Hex had the most BEAUTIFUL wedding I’d ever been to at stunning Mansion by the Sea. The soft blues in her bridesmaid’s dressed looked like they were sampled from the color of the sky that day. It was the perfecttttt venue for these two adorable lovebugs to have their wedding. With Hex deploying soon, everyone just wanted to celebrate together and that’s exactly what we did. all.night.long! I was so thankful that I was hired to second shoot/assist on this wedding for Forever Embellished Photography. I am seriously just OBSESSED with my images, and really, the entire damn day! Mansion by the Sea also has a freaking.LEMUR.sanctuary on site and I bout diedddd! Hex was just as obsessed with them as I was and we got to spend a soliddd 20 minutes talking/playing with them! Their ring bearer was their dog and he was insanely cute, and Desi looked like an actual princess! Mansion by the Sea is the most perfect venue for a seaside wedding with amazing views, and a killer sunset. They even have a boat that we got to go out on for photos at sunset, and y’all I was in heaven!!!

Venue: Mansion by the Sea

Lead Photographers: Forever Embellised Photography

All Photos in this blog: Jennifer Ryals Photography


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