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Hey hey! As a habitual overshare-er of all things beautiful and good, you can consider my blog an open love letter to my couples and to the general public. Come see what I've been up to! 

Hi, I'm Jennifer.

Granberry Hills Military Wedding | Corpus Christi Wedding Photographer

I shared Paola + Jay’s story a couple months ago when we did their engagement photos. They’re both in the Air Force and they met on an assignment in Turkey. I was so excited for their wedding ALL YEAR, because these two are the most fun couple ever. They chose Granberry Hills for their wedding and it had been raining there all week, but God gave us the most beautiful day!! So time goes by and they’re telling me how it’s gonna be a party – and that’s honestly the biggest understatement ever hahaha. Hanging with Paola and her girls and Jay and his best friends was the EASIEST day of “work” I’ve ever had in my life. I got to know their two kids that day too. They. Are. Amazing.

Everyone at their wedding was on the dance floor at least once that night and that’s my kinda party. Because it was a November wedding, we expected maybe a slight chill outside, but y’all it was FREEZING haha. Thankfully they had a hot chocolate bar! Basically anytime chocolate is involved – you know my ass is first in line. I got myself a cup and headed back to the dance floor! Good thing, too, because Paola didn’t skip a beat all night haha. She made us all fall in love with their first dance, got down with her best girls, made us cry with her father-daughter dance, and danced with Jay’s dad to like 4 songs and stole the show.

But my favorite, favorite part. Of all time, ever. Was their kids. Seriously, y’all, their two perfect kids gave toasts during the reception and there wasn’t a single dry eye in the house. Check out Paola + Jay’s reaction down below. I cry again every time I see it. If you have a good 3 minutes and feel like crying – scroll on down.


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