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Hey hey! As a habitual overshare-er of all things beautiful and good, you can consider my blog an open love letter to my couples and to the general public. Come see what I've been up to! 

Hi, I'm Jennifer.

Navy Pilot Military Engagement

As a Navy wife myself, this Navy Pilot Military Engagement Session is super close to my heart. I love seeing the excitement in their eyes as they get ready to start their lives together. I love watching them plan out the future around a lifestyle that’s 100% unpredictable. But these two. These two were so special. We did beach portraits that I’ll share later, but this part of the session, I just couldn’t wait any longer. We had to make sure we had permission to be on the flight line first. Once we got that, we danced, laughed, and ran around until the sun was completely gone.

We had two parts to their session because it had to be more than just a Navy Pilot Military Engagement Session. It had to be THEM. So since, Morgan + Daniel love going to the beach together so we found one that was close by, and super beautiful. We talked about the different duty stations my husband and I had been to, and we realized we had actually been at some of the same places at the same time. SO crazy! haha

Not only is Morgan one of the most stylish people I’ve ever met. She’s also one of the sweetest people ever! She’s the type of person that make you feel good just by being in her presence, for instance. And honestly, they couldn’t be any more perfect for each other. The way he made her laugh. The way she fit into his arms.

I wish I could bottle up the way I felt at their session, but meanwhile, I’ll remember this day and these two forever.

Morgan’s Top: Free People

Photographer: Jennifer Ryals Photography

Daniel’s Outfit: The Navy hahaha


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