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Hey hey! As a habitual overshare-er of all things beautiful and good, you can consider my blog an open love letter to my couples and to the general public. Come see what I've been up to! 

Hi, I'm Jennifer.

The Historic Pearl Engagement | Corpus Chrisiti Wedding Photographer

First of all, I am SO ridiculously excited to share Paola + Jay’s beauuuuutiful engagement session! It was at The Historic Pearl, here in the heart of San Antonio, TX! Also, it was literally a perfect day with blue skies and an amazing sunset! I still can’t believe that I was hired to photograph the wedding of someone that I have known since I was in 7th grade. Paola is a family friend and I haven’t seen her since I lived in San Antonio in 2007! Even so, with Jay living in Georgia and Paola in San Antonio they knew they wanted

When her and Jay got engaged, she approached me about shooting their wedding and I’m not gonna lie, I cried! I was so honored to have been chosen out of every other photographer. It’s crazy to look back on life from 11 years ago and see how things have changed. I would have never thought back when we met that someday I’d be there to watch her walk down the aisle with the love of her life, but I could not be any happier that I will be!

At the time that Paola + Jay booked with me, Jay was getting ready to deploy (also, they’re both active duty Air Force!).  Due to that we had to put off planning the engagement session for a while. Fast forward to last weekend, Jay was home so I drove up to San Antonio and WE. MADE. MAGIC.

Peep this, y’all.

Paola, like myself, is Filipino and she wanted to include her heritage in their photos and she did a killer job! So, Paola + Jay are both wearing Barongs which are traditional Filipino wedding shirts. Jay actually brought two outfits for himself, but fell in love with his Barong and never took it off! I’m ALWAYS hype for weddings, but seeing these two get married is gonna be one of my 2018 highs fashoooo. P.S. and MOST IMPORTANTLY! Get you a boo that will put your shoes on for you so you don’t have to bend down!



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