Your photos are about so much more than just what you looked like on your wedding day. When you experience a moment, and it gives you chills, you know you're gonna want to remember it forever and it deserves to be captured perfectly in a way that matters, by

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I understand from experience the pain that comes from not investing in quality photographs of a moment that I can never get back, and I take my job of saving you from that pain very seriously. Missing those moments is something that cannot be undone. So I won't.




My husband and I got married 7 years ago in a small yellow San Diego courthouse room, and I can still remember the feeling of that first married kiss.

The First Kiss


When you love hard, you are doing the most worthwhile work there is. When you love well, you are your most beautiful self and I work with the most beautiful people on this planet. 

Love Hard + Love Well.

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The raw, genuine emotion that is felt seeing your love come down the aisle for the first time is a moment that should never be missed.

Tearful Ceremonies

I'll never get tired of:


I know that every wedding is different just like every relationship is different, which is why I don't have set packages for every single wedding. After you inquire, we sit down and talk about what your wedding day means for you, the dynamics of your relationship and families, how you want your day captured, your budget and we lay out expectations. I have a starting price and from there, we work together to build the wedding collection of your dreams that has all the stuff you need and none of the extra stuff you don't.

Wedding Photography

Each wedding collection is customized for each couple. Inquire with me for your custom quote.

no strings attached

portrait Sessions

Engagement + Portrait Sessions can be customized just like Wedding Collections! You or your fiance hate taking photos? It's cool, I got you. This is not your typical photo session that has you constantly asking "what do I do with my hands" and feeling like you're faking a smile for an hour. This is where we really get to know each other and get you comfortable in front of the camera. You're not a professional model (or hey maybe you are) so it's totally normal for you to not know how to pose or take the most flattering photo. That's what I'm here for. Together we will choose outfits and locations that show your true selves off best! I will guide you through your sessions with prompts not poses to get you looking your like your most beautiful, comfortable self.

Engagement + portrait sessions

and more...

THE One Bride Guide



Tacari Weddings


When I tell you I am just as obsessed with your wedding as you are, that's no joke. I wanna share it with the world and let everyone else love you as much as I do. You may have seen my couples featured in:

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The knoT Magazine

Jennifer was the best! My husband hates taking pictures. When we met Jennifer for our engagement photos, I told her beforehand that I was very nervous about getting good pictures due to my fiancé at the time, not enjoying photo taking. Jennifer made picture taking so easy and fun! She has a wonderful, fun, loving personality. I asked her if she would be able to take night photos of us at our wedding and she went above and beyond and worked hard to learn how to take them, brought her lighting all the way to Florida for our wedding, and they are freaking awesome! She’s totally worth it! She’s a 12 out of 10 photographer. I highly recommended her!

"Our wedding photos were more than perfect. People are still commenting on how beautiful they are!"

Brittany & Chris


From the moment I saw Jennifer's website, I knew she was the photographer I wanted. She has such a fun and beautiful personality that takes out any of the awkwardness you may feel standing in front of a camera. She's professional, honest, kind, flexible, and accommodating. Our wedding party LOVED her--seriously, some were even saying they wanted her for their future wedding. Our wedding guests raved about her! She made our wedding day absolutely perfect. We were so lucky to have her as a part of our special day.

"She made our wedding day absolutely perfect."

Selina & Josh


Jennifer was wonderful! She was able to capture perfect and candid moments, she was really spot on. She was flexible even though it was cold. But in all honesty, she is amazing, the engagement and wedding photos are beyond perfect! We were glad to have picked her to do our special day. We love you Jen! Many many thanks for everything!

"The engagement and wedding photos are beyond perfect!"

Paola & Jay





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